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(Gadus Morhua)
Domínguez’ smoked cod: yet another delicacy and one of our star products. The mild white meat with its unmistakable texture will delight even the most demanding of palates for whom cod is an indispensable part of any special occasion. Versatile and surprising, after undergoing the meticulous Dominguez aromatising process it is hand carved by our maestros to offer a light bouquet with just the right saltiness.


The innate juiciness of the fillet and the aromas of our smoked cod have come together to create what will soon become a house classic. Together, their virtues are exalted and through a carefully studied hand-cutting process we have created an authentic gastronomical event: surprising, with an evenly-balanced consistency and all the Domínguez flavour in a single bite. Dominguez once again offers a new delicacy to all of those who are passionate about exclusive flavours.
SMOKED COD PIECES: From 800 g to 2 kg unsliced or sliced
SMOKED COD TUBS: 1 kg with vegetable oil / 1 kg with Arbequina oil
SMOKED COD PACKS: 80 g with arbequina oil and 160 g with oil and mediterranean souce
SMOKED COD LOIN: 100 g pack and 500 g tub
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